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Bali® 2” Aluminum School Blinds

When open, our 2" Aluminum School Blinds provide the maximum view to the outside, and the larger slats can be inverted to optimize natural light. Easy to clean and perfect for schools with large windows, our school blinds also have a vinyl tape that covers route holes for increased privacy.

Graber® Vertical Blinds

Vertical blind options include the G-71 Super-Vue Headrail with pantograph spacing, G-98 Ultra-Vue™ Headrail with self-aligning carriers, and the G-85 Dura-Vue™ Headrail made with the more economical steel. Durable vinyl vanes offer superior light control and are easy to clean. FR rated fabric vanes are available.

Wood Blinds

Our wood blinds are crafted from North American hardwoods that ensure durability and a timeless beauty. With patented light blocking features, these blinds also offer enhanced light control and privacy. Our green commitment ensures that we adhere to environmentally-friendly practices during manufacturing, and that all wood is carefully harvested using sustainable-yield forest management techniques.







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